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Rewards Terms and Conditions

1. Tanggram may provide special Offers that offer Bonus Rewards (in T-Points) or other benefits. The specific Special Offer Terms accompanying such offers will govern how the Bonus Rewards are earned.

2. The Offers may be varied at any time, including the amount of any Shopping Rewards, discounts, eligible/ineligible products or categories, or any validity period due to changes in our arrangements with Partnered Merchants. Tanggram will show the current Offer at the place where the Offer is advertised on the offer page of the Partner Merchant. You should always confirm the continued availability of an Offer, and its details including any associated Shopping Reward or discounts before entering into any transaction in connection with that Offer.

3.The Offers may be valid for a limited time only and there may be particular terms, conditions, exclusions or requirements that apply only to an Offer. The Partnered Merchant is responsible for any conditions designated in the Special Offer Terms for any Offers. You should ensure that you fully understand any Special Offer Terms as displayed on the Website, App, or in an email we send before proceeding with a transaction.

4. Tanggram makes no guarantee as to the minimum or maximum number or duration of Offers.

5. Your ability to use an Offer may be affected by human or technical error (including your own conduct, and bugs or glitches on the Website, App or the systems of Partnered Merchants). To the maximum extent permitted by law, Tanggram is not liable for any errors which occur in the processing of an Offer.

6. You acknowledge that Tanggram only acts as a referral agent and is not responsible for the quality of goods/or services you receive from any third parties (Partnered Merchants).

7. You acknowledge and agree that Tanggram does not make any guarantee or representation, as to the amount of Shopping Rewards or discounts you can receive.


To be eligible to receive Shopping Rewards or discounts in connection with an Offer, you must:

• Initiate the Transaction by using the Partnered Merchant store banner in the Tanggram app.

• Not use any gift card, coupon or voucher code when you make the Transaction (other than any gift card, coupon or voucher code that is listed in the Offer terms, on the Website, Tanggram app or otherwise provided);

• Make the Transaction during the applicable Offer validity period as stated on the Website or Tanggram app;

• Where stated, complete any other required actions including answering any questions asked; and

• Where applicable, comply with any Additional Terms.


Tanggram will not credit you with Shopping Rewards, and may without notice to you at any time withhold Shopping Rewards, and adjust, reverse, deduct or cancel Shopping Rewards already credited if any of the below has occurred, or there is a reason to believe any of the below has occurred:

• You have cancelled the relevant Transaction, returned the goods or services for refund or credit, or fail to pay for the order in full;

• the relevant Transaction is not processed on the Partnered Merchant’s payments system for any reason;

• your use of the service in connection with any Shopping Rewards is not in accordance with, or in breach of the Tanggram General T&Cs and Rewards T&Cs, including due to your illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest conduct.