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Download the vouchers here.
Download the vouchers here.
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1300 099 777

Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm


About us

Our business started back in 2013 providing professional wealth management services to over thousands of both local and overseas clients including HNWs. During the process, we found that many of our clients came across similar difficulties when they needed financial services. The service fee was too high, the paperwork was too complicated, and the application process was taking too long etc. We also found the demographic of our clients had changed time by time. More and more young people need supports to manage their wealth. We would like to solve these existing problems with innovative technologies. This was the original intention of building Tanggram.

The idea was first born in 2016. Literally when we first started, we started from one person and one desk. And now we got a team of passionate and energetic people with nearly half of them are females. We realized the opportunity and the demand of a lite, smart and user-friendly wealth platform for young generations. Tanggram was built to lead this stream. We are also honoured to be one of the first-joint members of Fintech Australia.

We think and act from our user’s perspective. We are dedicated to offer the investment opportunities with more transparency, less complicated process and lower access fees. We would like to lead our generations to build and grow their wealth from daily shopping, smart investing and friends sharing.

Tanggram are committed to give back to our community. It is our core value and we strive to uphold it throughout our company. A portion of our profits will go to charities and organizations helping disadvantaged kids and protecting our rainforests and seas.

By using Tanggram App, you can get rewards every time you shop in Tanggram partnered merchant stores. Together with your investment contribution, we help you to reach your goal in a smarter fashion without breaking a sweat. You could also invite your family and friends on board to play together, and redeem for more bonuses and rewards.


Simply register with your phone number, then enter the activation code we sent to you, your email address and your password. Your registration is done!

Please confirm the spelling of your mobile and make sure it is a valid Australian mobile number. You can always contact us via email or call us for help.

Tanggram are committed to give back to our community. It is our core value and we strive to uphold it throughout our company. A portion of our profits will go to charities and organizations helping disadvantaged kids and protecting our rainforests and seas.

The Tanggram App is free for all users. Tanggram aims to minimize any service charges to all of our customers and merchant partners. And we pass on all shopping rewards to our users. We are committed to transparency, and all fees associated with an investment in the Tanggram Investment Fund (Fund) are set out in the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Shopping rewards

You can redeem your shopping rewards into investment units, once it reaches 100 T-points, you can redeem it into 100 Tanggram fund units and invest into your chosen Tanggram investment option. For example, if you’d like to invest $2,000 into the Seed Investment Option of the Tanggram Investment Fund, you have the option to use 100 T-points from your shopping rewards and $1,900 from your own pocket! You can also redeem your shopping rewards into different vouchers in “Tanggram Bankku Central”.

Shop at one of many merchants listed on Tanggram. Once you are ready to checkout, enter your full bill amount in “Checkout Reception” to create a scan code, the store member will scan the displayed code with the Tanggram device and your rewards can be instantly reviewed in your “transaction”!

Currently we will reward you the T-points with the exchange rate of: 1 T-point=$1.

Tanggram claims your rewards based on merchants' transactions statement. So please make sure you check the amount before you leave the store. If it appears your transaction was incorrect, please talk to the merchant to invalidate the wrong transaction and confirm a correct one.

Please consult the merchant's return policy to determine whether you are eligible for a refund or exchange. Once you were refunded with your transaction amount, the incurred rewards will be claimed back by Merchant upon Merchant’s notice.

All the rewards balance should be settled before the merchant terminates the agreement with Tanggram. Tanggram is not responsible for any rewards transactions or outstanding rewards balances after the termination.

One way is by browsing the store list in “Shoppa Palace” on the Tanggram app. When you visit a store in person, normally a sign should be easily visible within or outside the store.

Smart wealth

It is so simple and easy to invest on Tanggram app. Just a few clicks and you are done!

1. Choose from Tanggram Seed or Tanggram Spark.

2. Set your initial investment amount.

3. Provide you financial info such as bank account and TFN.

4. Complete your ID check.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth) (AML/CTF Act 2006) obliges financial institutions to collect and verify certain ‘information about a customers’ identity when providing financial products and services. If you invest in the Fund we will ask for some basic information so that we can confirm your identity. If there is any inaccuracy in the info provided, your money will not be invested until your identity is verified.

You can be sure that we will take care of any information you provide and that our procedures will be in keeping with Privacy Act 1998.

We require your bank account details to pay you any income distributions and satisfy your withdrawal requests. If you would like to change your nominated bank account, please contact our customer support team via email or livechat. We may require further verification before your change is processed in accordance with our anti-fraud procedure.

You are not required to provide your tax file number (TFN) during the initial application to the Fund. However, if you do not provide your TFN, any distributions from the Fund may be withheld tax at the top marginal rate, currently 49%.

The application process is all digital through the app. It is simple and straightforward by following the instructions. Read the PDS of the Fund before you decide to invest in the Fund. Feel free to contact us via email or livechat for any further assistance.

Yes. Currently the minimum investment amount required is $1,000 for Tanggram Seed and $5,000 for Tanggram Spark. Please refer to the relevant supplementary PDS (SPDS) for your preferred Investment Option.

Yes. Currently, the minimum investment period is 3 months for Tanggram Sees and 6 months for Tanggram Spark. Please refer to the relevant SPDS for your preferred Investment Option.

Information about how to make a withdrawal from the Fund is set out in the relevant SPDS for your preferred Investment Option.

You can close your account on the Tanggram App anytime by sending a written notice to, and our support team will assist you on that.

There is no withdrawal fees unless you request to withdraw it before satisfying the minimum investment period. Please refer to the PDS for the Fund and the SPDS for your preferred Investment Option for more information.

A product disclosure statement is a document that contains information about a financial product. The PDS for the Tanggram Investment Fund contains relevant to an investment in the Fund, including any significant benefits and significant risks, the costs associated with an investment in the Fund and the fees and charges that Tanggram may receive. It is available on our website and through the Tanggram App and you should read the PDS carefully before deciding to invest into Tanggram Investment Fund.

The Fund provides investors the opportunity to select from different Investment Options, each offering investors exposure to a different portfolio of underlying managed funds selected by Tanggram. Each Investment Option may also have a different target return, risk profile and withdrawal rights.

A supplemental product disclosure statement (SPDS) will be issued in respect of each Investment Option which will sets out its specific details.

Yes, but you have to first withdraw your investment and then choose a new investment option.

Yes. Every investment comes with risk. The investment returns are variable and paid monthly. The rates of return are not guaranteed and are determined by the future revenue of the underlying credit fund portfolios. For more information about our investment strategy and risks please refer to the relevant sections of the PDS which is available on our website.

You can either choose to reinvest your distribution into the underlying investment option, or to have them paid into your nominates bank account monthly.

Distributions of income will be paid on a monthly basis. Please refer to PDS and SPDSs for more details.

You may need to pay tax on any distributions earned through an investment in the Fund, as well as upon your exit from the Fund. Your taxation position will depend on your individual circumstances and you should seek your own taxation advice in relation to the taxation of any income distributed by the Fund.

The Administration Manager for the Fund will provide you a taxation statement at the end of each financial year.

Yes. There are a range of fees and costs associated with an investment in the Fund. For more information, please read the PDS and SPDSs on our website and App.

No. There are no fees payable on $0 balances.


With your unique Referral Scancode, you can refer Tanggram to your friends to get big rewards for both of you! Show your Referral Scancode to your friends and ask them to scan with their phone cameras, it will leads them to the registration page.

For your privacy, we don’t allow your friends to see your activities on Tanggram including your shopping information and investment. But you’ll very soon see more entertaining ways to do with your friends in Tanggram. Now it’s a good time to add more friends and see your rewards growing.

Other Inquiries

The responsible entity (RE) of the Tanggram Investment Fund takes complaints seriously and aim to resolve them as quickly as possible.

The Constitution sets out the procedure by which the RE is to receive, consider, investigate and respond to complaints by investors who are dissatisfied with the management or administration of the Fund. Applicants and Unit Holders who wish to make a complaint about the Fund should contact the RE by telephone on +613 8352 7120, by email to or in writing addressed to:

The Complaints Officer

Vasco Investment Managers Limited

Level 5, 488 Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

The RE will acknowledge a complaint as soon as practicable after receiving it and will notify the complainant of its decision, remedies and other information within 45 days of the complaint being made.

The RE is also a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) which provides an external complaints resolution scheme. Complaints that cannot be resolved by the RE to your satisfaction can be taken to AFCA. You can contact AFCA:

1800 931 678 (within Australia)